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Welcome to the Quadrant

Updated: Apr 12

We're excited to announce the launch of our new workspace facility, Whether you are full time in the office, 4 days, 2 days, Sick of working from your dining room table, one man band or a team of 10 plus we have an option for you!

The Quadrant offers multiple options for your business, featuring a fully-equipped gym, a trendy new bistro and much more.

Our offices are designed to give you comfort, convenience, and flexibility for your business needs. With a prime location, you'll have access to all the amenities and conveniences of the city. Join us in our new workspace and let's grow your business together!

As Hybrid working becomes the new norm, co-working spaces are increasing in popularity, offering a great alternative to working from home.

Co-working spaces are collaborative workspaces that allow professionals to work alongside like-minded individuals and share resources. This is an ideal solution for freelancers, startups, and entrepreneurs who want to work in a professional environment but don't have the budget for a traditional office space.

Collaborative spaces, relaxed atmosphere and everything under one roof.

We are proud to launch our latest facility that has been designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Here are some of the options available to our members:

Private office space:

Our private offices are designed for individuals or teams who need more privacy and require a quiet environment to work in. Members have access to all the facilities like high-speed internet, networking meet ups and meeting rooms. Private offices are available and allow for concentration in a dedicated workspace for your team.

Dedicated workspace:

Dedicated workspace is ideal for those who need a workspace that is designated only for them. Members have a choice of different desks in a shared space, ensuring they have a comfortable and flexible workspace to mold to their own preferences.

Meeting Rooms:

Our meeting rooms are available to all members and offer a professional setting for carrying out presentations or hosting client meetings.


Find what's right for you!

We understand that every business has different requirements, which is why we offer the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade as needed.

So to conclude, our co-working space offers a range of options designed to meet everyone's needs. We pride ourselves on providing a vibrant, collaborative, and comfortable environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and productivity. Whether you are a freelancer, startup, or entrepreneur, we are confident that we have something to suit you. So why not come, take a look, and join us in the collaborative revolution.


Get in touch, leave a comment or come and view the space!


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